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Blackjack Strategies – Is your Home the New Casino?

There are a lot of blackjack strategies that are used in the casino. The same strategies you use at the casino can be used at home in pjs.

    • Pay attention to the dealer.

While you can pay attention to the cards the dealer is showing, don’t try to copy or match the dealer. Know how to bet at blackjack before you play!

    • No matter what don’t take the insurance.

Most blackjack games in casinos and online offer insurance against the dealer’s hand. Even though this option is extremely tempting just say no! You could end up losing twice as much money. Not only would you lose the money in hand, you could lose the bet on the insurance as well.

    • How many decks again?

Decks used in a game of blackjack can range from one to six or seven. Make sure you know the number of decks in the game because this affects your chances of winning! Each named game uses a different number of decks.

    • Splitting a hand…not your account

Certain hands allow you to split the cards into two separate hands and you can do this three times depending on the cards that are drawn. Two rules of thumb are never split a pair of tens and always split a pair of aces.

As for your account, money management is a must! Budget how much you plan to bet and once you reach that limit, start observing.

    • Charting your course

If you really want to learn strategy, there are charts you can memorize that explain when to stand, hit, double down, or the dreaded Surrender. There are many charts to use, but a general chart will work fine. The chart was developed for people who don’t card count.

Blackjack is a great game that can be played online with the same strategies used at a casino. So sit back, dress down and enjoy!

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